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Hi, I'm Jami Attenberg. I write books, and much, much more. My fourth book, The Middlesteins, came out in 2012. You can order it here or here. My fifth book, Saint Mazie, will be published in June 2015.

Also I like dogs and fighting crime.

This is the fifth place to find me on the internet. Please don't tell me I need a sixth.

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A discussion we were having:

Just because a book doesn’t read like the author cut a vein and bled all over the page doesn’t mean it’s a bad book, although it’s probably not the kind of book I like to read necessarily.

I like to feel like the author was there, and they were having deep feelings while they were writing the book. I don’t want to feel their hand in it, I don’t want to feel their authorness (whatever that is) (but you know what I mean), but I do want a sense of what went into it. I want to finish a book and know the author died on the page and then was reborn again.

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