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Hi, I'm Jami Attenberg. I write books, and much, much more. My fourth book, The Middlesteins, came out in 2012. You can order it here or here. My fifth book, Saint Mazie, will be published in 2015.

Also I like dogs and fighting crime.

This is the fifth place to find me on the internet. Please don't tell me I need a sixth.

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  • me: it must be nice to have a pretty beatles song named after you
  • Michelle: who, me?
  • me: yes you. i was just listening to it
  • Michelle: yes it's nice. although I think it might predate me as a concept
  • me: i know, but it's nice. mine's like, "jamie's cryin'" and sometimes people think it's "jami's got a gun"
  • Michelle: hahaha
  • me: yours is like, french and it's sweet and about love
  • Michelle: oh but its ersatz french. also it would be better if I was more conventionally "belle," imho
  • me: JUST TAKE IT
  • me: IT'S YOUR SONG!!!!!!!!!!!
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