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Hi, I'm Jami Attenberg. I write books, and much, much more. My fourth book, The Middlesteins, came out in 2012. You can order it here or here. My fifth book, Saint Mazie, will be published in June 2015.

Also I like dogs and fighting crime.

This is the fifth place to find me on the internet. Please don't tell me I need a sixth.

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Photo by Heidi Gutman:

Bryan Greenberg plays Nathan Fisher in A Short History of Decay. This scene is from the shoot in Brooklyn at Kos Kaffe on 11/19/12.  The shoot was covered by The New York Times, New York Magazine, Word and Film and other outlets.

What I love about this scene is that it literalizes the feeling of writing in Brooklyn. You aren’t really in a cafe ever with all of these writers. It just FEELS that way.

Bigger question: Where is the cafe full of writers who look like Bryan Greenberg? I would hang out there. (Spoiler: doesn’t exist.)

(via alexanderchee)